Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What IF?

For those of us with infertility, who frequent blogs, the web and other social media support sites, we know that the capital IF is the biggest "if" we face during certain points in time.  I've been trying to think of new ways to support the women in our group who have infertility and are still waiting for a glimpse of what their family might look like.

I came across this video this week. 

To me it's a very emotional, real portrayal of all the questions I know you've had at some point, and will continue to have. Questions that I myself faced very painfully.

 I want you to know I haven't forgotten what it feels like.
 She asks the question..."What if I redefine what it means to be mother?"
 Will you pray about this and maybe take some time today to journal about the concept of being a "mother" to others? Doesn't have to pertain to children. But as women, we are mothers at heart. What are ways you have mothered other women or children outside of your home? What are ways you could mother other women or children in the future?   If you feel led, post a comment here on this blog to share with others.
 I would also add my own "What if"?
"What if Everything in the bible really is True? What if Jesus really is who he says he is?"
Keiko's video also reminded me of this song, that I love and thought I would share with you also this morning.

How does the answer of whether or not the bible is true and Jesus is real, being "YES!" give us HOPE in our current struggles?
Love you.