Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whew...What a Year!

I can't believe a year has passed since my last post.  Yes, we're still here!  We're still meeting regularly.  And you are still remembered. 

So what has been happening?

Well...we moved meeting locations for starters.  I opened a little shop called Plume so we have been meeting here since last November when I opened.  We're closed for business on Wednesday nights and I think the meetings have been working out well.   When I had the idea for the shop, I always knew I not only wanted it to be a beautiful shopping experience...but a beautiful place to gather.

So we've been working hard the last few months on a new gathering space at the shop that will hopefully be finished in September.  In the meantime...we'll continue to gather around my counter.

Allie Pennington & Suzanne Cary have taken on more administrative roles to help me with the ministry.  I'm so thankful for them.  Allie will help lead the infertility portion of the ministry and Suzanne will help lead the loss portion.

The Crossing shared this video at a Sunday service back in March and I feel blessed to have been able to share.  God is using this video to help reach more women.  We've had many new ladies come these last couple months.  So if you're're in good company.

If you haven't seen it, you can watch a small portion of what God has done in my life here:

I look forward to the remainder of 2014 and seeing the ways God will grow this ministry.